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About Us.

In June of 2017, Natalie Maronski and DEL (Robert Del Femine) had the spark of an idea to create a curated intersection of food, music, and culture in the iconic, historically registered, and first racially integrated hotel in America – the Divine Lorraine.  Oh, by the way, it had been vacant, a destination for urban explorers, and stripped down to its foundational bones – first laid in 1894.

Undaunted, well maybe a bit, their vision fit perfectly with the Divine’s owner Eric Blumenfeld’s (EBRM) vision for the stimulation of North Broad Street.  “underground concepts.” was officially formed in 2019 and Natalie and DEL partnered with a great team of local builders, designers, artists, strategists, and others to execute their ambitious plans. 

In October 2020, in the midst of the world-wide pandemic, “the daily.”, a coffee shop opened for business.  In March 2021, “broad hall.” – an event space, opened with food, music, art, and other events.  “foundation.”, a cocktail bar with a recording studio, opened in June 2021.  The “annex.”, an all-day restaurant-bar with a retail wine, craft beer, and local artisan shop, is projected to open in the Fall of 2021.  The annex.’s outdoor courtyard has been open for music and food events on weekends.

the daily team

Natalie Maronski

managing partner | executive chef


The daughter of a Vietnamese immigrant, Natalie is a culinary arts and business honors graduate of Drexel University.  She has extensive experience leading and opening acclaimed restaurants as well as consulting with restaurants across the Philadelphia area.  Natalie was a very popular participant on Bravo TV’s Top Chef and is highly respected in the food community.  She grew up in Virginia but definitely calls Philly, her city!  Natalie’s in love with her doggies, Wilma and Tucker and bikes, everywhere.

Executive chef Natalie Maronski

(robert del femine)

managing partner | chief entertainment officer


DEL is a life-long Philly OG and loves his city!  He attended Central High school and proudly serves as a Vice President for its alumni board.  DEL graduated from Penn State, worked at Hahnemann University Hospital, and had a long and successful career as a sales and marketing executive at Johnson & Johnson.  Along the way, DEL has DJed here and abroad since 1978 and like Natalie, he loves to bike.  He’s a connector, mentor, and simply – loves people and life!

Together, Natalie and DEL share an aligned aspiration:  they both want to do GOOD for Philly and its people while creating joy and fun along the journey. 

They’re focused on the stewardship and resurgence of a great Philly neighborhood (North Broad) by leveraging diversity across the intersection of food-music-culture.

Simply, it’s the synergy that can be created by two friends, a great team, and the local creative community!

Natalie & DEL thank their talented local team:

Ryan Beck:
broad hall. & foundation. ceiling art

Benita Cooper Design:
interior design | architecture

Brava (Luis Vera):
general contractor

broad hall. exterior mural

D24K Productions:
audio | visual


Jonene Lee Photography:
foundation. photo exhibit

lace in the moon:
annex. courtyard installation

lower lobby mural

annex. courtyard mural

creative & strategic agency 

lower lobby mural 

Symone Salib Studio:
annex. courtyard installation 

Timber Forge Woodworks:
wood & metal – finishes & furniture

Tiny Room for Elephants:
art curation | production

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